Saulwick poll data in the Australian Data Archive

Access to raw data for selected Saulwick Polls conducted between 1972 and 2004 is available via the Australian Data Archive (ADA). All users of the ADA website have access to poll variables - questions with corresponding statistical returns - and tools for basic online analysis. Registered ADA users can also request permission to download poll data in SPSS format.

To locate specific Saulwick polls in the ADA you can: conduct a general search of the ADA website; navigate via the ADA Saulwick theme page; or use the Saulwick Polls & Social Research resource as a reference tool. Our website contains entries for many more Saulwick Polls than are represented in the ADA holdings, but if a dataset for the poll does exist in the ADA repository, there will be a link from the poll entry on this site to open the relevent ADA page in a new browser tab or window.

On the ADA site, you can open poll questionnaires and codebooks via the ‘Related Materials’ tab found on the individual poll pages. For ease of reference, fresh scans of the poll questionnaires are also being attached directly to Opinion Poll entries listed in the Saulwick Polls & Social Research resource.

Variables data can be accessed via the ‘Variables’ tab on the ADA poll page. To see a detailed breakdown of the responses to a question, click on the variable name. Variable names are often abbreviated, so you should always check the exact wording of poll questions against the relevant questionnaire.

You can also create charts and do basic online analysis (such as cross-tabulations, correlations and linear regressions) of poll data. Detailed instructions can be found in the ADA user guides.

To download poll data for offline manipulation, you need to register as an ADA user and request access to the datasets you are interested in. After ADA staff review and approve the request, a link to the polls you have requested data for will be added to your ADA user page.

Copyright in all Saulwick poll data is now held by the University of Melbourne (even where the information on ADA states otherwise). Permission to use Saulwick poll data is granted in all cases, providing the source of the data is acknowledged and the wording of the original poll question is provided in full. Citation details are outlined in more detail here.

ADA pages include summary polling information such as data collection dates, geographic coverage, method of data collection and the response rate. This is not available for all polls, and you should always check missing details or discrepancies with reference to questionnaire forms and other primary source materials.