Event: Hawke's 1987 Election Campaign Speech (23 June 1987)

23 June 1987
Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
23 June 1987


The Prime Minister, Bob Hawke, announced the Australian Labor Party policy for the 1987 election in a speech at the Sydney Opera House.

With the campaign slogan Lets Stick Together. Let's See It Through, Hawke's speech called on Australian voters to give the government a mandate to continue its task of national renewal and social reform. The major policy initiative announced was a family allowance supplement designed to ensure that by 1990 no Australian child would need to be living in poverty.


In a policy speech opening Labor's election campaign on June 23 1987, Prime Minister Bob Hawke famously declared: "We set ourselves this first goal: by 1990 no Australian child will be living in poverty."

This was a revision of the original text, by ALP speechwriter Graham Freudenberg, which stated that by 1990 there would be no financial need for any child to live in poverty.

The campaign pledge that no Australian child would be living in poverty by 1990 soon entered into Australian political and public history as it became clearly obvious that it would not be achieved. In 2007, Hawke referred to the line as spoken as being "one of the greatest regrets in my period as Prime Minister".

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