Biographical entry: Saulwick, Irving David (1930 - 2012)

Member of the Order of Australia (AM)

25 April 1930
Melbourne, Australia
1 August 2012
Melbourne, Australia


A leading figure in the field of Australian political and social opinion polling, Irving Saulwick ran a succession of market research and consultancy companies from the 1960s to the 2000s.

In 1971, he was responsible for establishing the Age ASRB Poll (later known as the Saulwick Age Poll) in association with The Age newspaper and the Political Science Department of The University of Melbourne. Saulwick Age Polls were published regularly by The Age up until 1994, and continued to be commissioned on a one-off basis by the newspaper after this date.

As well as the Age Poll, Saulwick was responsible for carrying out numerous market and social research studies for clients in the private sector and government agencies. The legacy of his work is an enduring record of the attitudes of Australian citizens on key social issues spanning the last decades of the twentieth century.


"I have always said that good survey work is a combination of science, management and art. One has to be scientific in one's design. One must manage one's resources well. One must also train, brief and supervise one's interviewers well. But finally one has to have imagination - to produce unbiased, value free and simple questions which do capture real information from people to whom they are put and which allow them not to answer, if they wish, without feeling stupid."

- Irving Saulwick, from an unpublished essay dated 24 February 1995.

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